The SGC campus is spread over three locations within the radius of one kilometer in aerial distance. Its total area is 5.28 acre. The main campus is located at the heart of the Sivasagar town. The vicinal location of historic Siva Dol, the age old mosque, the Baptist Church, the Buddha Bihar and the historic Sivasagar Tank has been creating a secular environment for the college community. The nearby Deputy commissioner's office, District Head Post Office, Municipality Office, District Court, Telecom Office, Inter State Bus Terminal, Tai Museum, Tourist Lodge, Ananda Ram Baruah Park, Central Market, Wood's Hospital, Restaurants, ATM's of National Banks etc. can be easily accessed from the SGC campus, thereby making the SGC campus resources and activities more lively.

Introducing the Three Campuses of the College

Main Campus

Its geographical location is 260 -59' 17.2"N and 940 38' 8" E . The main administrative building (Principal's Office, Account section, Admission and Examination section), Teacher's Common Room, all Arts Departments and separate departmental Class Rooms, Auditorium. Conference Hall, Air conditioned virtual classroom, IGNOU and Distance Education Study centre, Central Library, Montessori Teachers Training centre, Apparel Designing centre, Computer Lab, Canteen, Centre for Remote Sensing and GIS (Under Dept. of Geography) are located in this campus. All classes of Arts stream and Distance Education are held in this campus.

Science Campus

It is just about 100 metres away from the main campus. All classes of Science Stream, Home Science and Sanskriti Play School are held in the campus. The campus houses all science Departments, Home science Department, Sanskriti Play School, Biotech hub, Rangpur Chatri Nivas. Indoor Stadium with Gymnasium. Aryabhatta Science centre, Botanical Garden and Canteen and two storeyed Laboratory (under construction).

Baniabari Campus

It is about 1.5 K.M. away from the main campus and well connected with the other two campuses. With a Hostel building, different extended activities such as— Banana orchard, Two Fisheries and Vegetable orchard are going on in this campus. The college authority has set up an Computer Centre funded by RUSA grant.

Our Mission

The mission of our institute is to provide the best of knowledge and skills to the students. Some key areas have been identified so as to achieve our mission.

  1. Instil in the students a thirst for knowledge, a scientific temper and the appreciation and inculcation of human values.
  2. Instilling in the students moral and ethical values by arranging popular talk, programmes on moral responsibilities, social responsibilities, showcase of motivational speech and motivational videos, showcase of documentaries of important personalities in Indian history, literature, politics, philosophy, science, business, space etc.
  3. Alongwith a standard academic environment, setting up and creating a green environment is also a priority and a mission to be achieved.
  4. Making career counseling programmes a regular feature so that the students can get an opportunity to choose their careers once they complete their graduation.
  5. Instil a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students of the institution by making them familiar with entrepreneurship skills through holding of entrepreneurship counseling sessions by different agencies.
  6. Above all, assuring mental health and personality development through psychological counselling sessions at least once a month.

Our Vision

Alongwith Academic Pursuits, To Play A Catalyst Role In Shaping The Future Of Young Women By Empowering Them In All Aspects, Making Them Self-reliant, Socially Responsible Thus Enabling Them To Be A Contributor To The Wealth Of The Nation.

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