The institution follows ICT enabled teaching in addition to the traditional classroom education. Teachers are combining technology with traditional mode of instruction to engage students in the effective teaching learning process. The institution has encouraged the use of ICT in order to support, enhance and optimize the delivery of learning sources.

ICT tools available in the Institution:

  1. LCD projectors: Though overhead projectors are not available for all classrooms, one digital class is allotted for every department each day in the class routine to enable them to use the projectors available in the 2 seminar halls (Arts campus) whereas 2/3 projectors are available in the science campus.
  2. Desktops: Each department has been provided with a desktop for departmental use as well as for students.
  3. Photocopier Machines and Scanners: Multi functional printers and scanners are available at all important points (office, library etc.).
  4. Seminar Halls: 2 Seminar cum conference halls are equipped with all digital facilities.
  5. Online classes are arranged through Google Meet, Zoom App, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Light Board.
  6. Digital Learning Resources are available for optimum use by students and teachers alike.

Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled in both the campuses and is available for assistance in teaching and learning processes.

The system administrator always sees to the procurement of hardware, software and assures that internet connectivity is in place in order to prevent disruption of classroom activities. He also sees that misuse of all such connections does not take place.

Use of ICT by faculty

Faculties are encouraged to present PowerPoint presentations in teaching learning process, use LCD’s and projectors, Digital library, online search engines and websites.

Seminar and Conference halls are digitally equipped where guest teachers, expert talks, and various competitions are regularly organised for students. Faculties also hold online quiz for students after completion of courses.

Video Conferencing: Students are counselled with the help of Zoom/Google Meet/ Webex applications.

Audio and Video lectures:

Audio and video lectures by eminent persons are made available to students for further clarity if necessary.

Online Competitions:

Various technical events such as poster making, project presentation, debates, paper presentations are organised to celebrate certain days, festivals and commemorative events etc. with the help of various ICT tools.


Teachers use various ICT tools to conduct workshops.

Number of Teachers on Roll Number of teachers using ICT (LMS, e-Resources) ICT Tools and resources available Number of ICT enabled Classrooms E-resources and techniques used
46 25 Computers – 133 3 e-Books – (32000+ Open Access) & 48 (Purchased))
Laptops – 2 e-Journals - 6000+ title in Open Access
Server Machines – 3 Digital Database – 02
Printers – 10 CD & Video - 172
Scanners – 2 Library automation – 2
Photocopier (Xerox machine) – 5
Projectors – 5
Video conferencing – 1
Wi-Fi Router – 13
Internet connections – 2
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