The department of Economics as a part of Sibsagar Girls’ College came into existence with the establishment of Sibsagar Girls’ College in July, 1964. Initially, the subject was offered in B.A programme. Since 1982, the department has been offering Economics as a major course to the students. The primary mission of the department is to provide a high quality education in economics. The department thrives to provide a strong foundation in Economic theory which will enhance the student’s critical and analytical thinking to tackle the economic issues of the society. The vision of the department is to make the students capable of independent analysis for living their lives of responsibility, leadership and services. With the sincere and dedicated efforts of the Teachers of the department, the students have been showing a good result in different University Examinations.

To enable the students to be more policy literate and to be informed citizen
To make students entrepreneurship oriented and also guide them for their different successful careers
To enable students to think more critical and analytical manner
To promote a modern, respectful and participatory culture.

Imparting knowledge on the subject and to apply it on the practical ground to tackle the socio-economic problems

At present the department offers two six months vocational courses -
i) Cutting and Stitching
ii) Office Automation. The department believes in flexibility where the students can enroll in vocational courses alongwith the major courses.

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