The subject Home Science is an inter-disciplinary subject which has the co-relation between different branches of science and arts that enable the uses of education in practical life. The Department believe in enforcing gender equality among students thus encouraging them to become self-dependent. The Department focuses on theoretical, practical and skill development in various areas such as Food Science and Nutrition, Therapeutic Nutrition, Human Development and Psychology, Textile and Apparel Designing, Resource Management, Interior Designing, extension education, economics, life science, physical science etc. The Department also provides vocational courses to enhance skill development. The faculty members endeavors’ to build professionals who can work as researchers, nutritionists, dieticians, fashion designers, interior designers, diet consultants, psychologists, entrepreneurs, ergonomists etc. Thus, aims at bringing chances in education regarding the responsibilities of each individual towards the community and Nation.

Opening the following areas: M.A ,Major Project and Minor Project, Seminar(National and International),Vocational course, Certificate course, Training Programme and placement cell for guidance self -empowerment.

1. Instil in the students a thirst for knowledge a scientific temper and the appreciation and inculcation of human values.
2. Instilling in the students moral and ethical values by arranging popular talk, programmes on moral responsibilities, social responsibilities, showcase of motivational speech and motivational videos, showcase of documentaries of important personalities in Indian history, literature, politics, philosophy, science, busines, space etc.
3. Along with a standard academic environment, setting up and crating a green environment is also a priority and a mission to be achieved.
4. Making career counseling programmes a regular feature that the students can get an opportunity to choose their careers once they complete their graduation.
5. Instill a spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the students of the institution by making them familiar with entrepreneurship skills through holding of entrepreneurship counseling sessions by different agencies.
6. Above all assuring mental health and personality development through psychological counseling session at least once a month.

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To Be update..

Nimisha Kakoti an Alumni of our department of the 2020 batch was awarded the Indian Book of Records for Maximum Scenes of an Assamese Drama printed with National Colours. She also contributed her piece of talent at the Assam Assembly held on 21st -22ndMarch 2022 by sketching 126 numbers of portraits of Assam MLA’s. She prepared each portrait on Dhokuwa (betel tree peels) disposable which is environment friendly. She has also donated her talent to the college by gifting Dhokuwa-based portraits of all the Ex-Principals enclosed in a beautiful frame, which is displayed as wall-hanging at the college Principal Office.

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