TThe department of History is an important part of Sibsagar Girls’ College since its establishment. With the academic activities the department has its separate identity. In the initial stage, the History subject was offered as elective subject in B.A. programme. Since 1989, the department has been offering History as a major course to the students. The primary aim of the department is to making it a Centre of Excellence for study and provides a high quality education in history. From the very beginning, with a team of well-qualified faculty and their dedicated efforts, the department is fully involved in providing quality education which helps the students to adapt themselves in this competitive world. In the department, there are four sanctioned post and one faculty is working as contractual teacher in the department. The names of faculty members of the department are Mrs. Utpala Gohain Chamua, Mrs. Deepjoonalee Bhuyan Saharia, Mr. Probin Sarmah and Mrs. Krishna Kachari.

i. To enable the students to be more literate and make them a responsible citizen.
ii. To develop the ability of critical and logical thinking of the student to identify, analyze and solving any problem.
iii. To encourage them to preserve and conserve the historical monuments in proper and systematic way.
iv. To improving their leadership quality.

i. To provide best of historical knowledge.
ii.To introduce the students with major changes and developments in the Society.
iii. To acquaint the students about human evolution.
iv. To introduce them with world heritage.

Along with the three year degree course, the Department of History, Sibsagar Girls’ College also provide vocational courses to the students. At present the department offers two vocational courses –
i) Six month beauty and wellness course
ii) ii) Archaeological monument preservation awareness centre. The department believes in flexibility where the students can enroll in vocational courses alongwith the major courses.

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